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I'm sure you've heard it said that a team is only as strong as it's weakest link.  

Winneconne Christian Fellowship has been on a journey over the past several years.  This journey has led us to growing into more of who we are.

It's hard to know the exact moment a journey begins, but for the sake of this story we'll say the journey began several years ago when the leadership at Winneconne Christian Fellowship Determined they were missing something.  Not like missing a beloved family heirloom - grandma's wedding ring or grandpa's pocket watch.  No, Winneconne Christian Fellowship was missing something we never had.  

There was a gap, and it was becoming increasingly obvious.  This gap was the space between information and application.  We had knowledge - some of it good, some of it not.  We knew the things we ought to do - but how?  And why was it so?  We were missing our how and why.  

We desired more, and we did the only thing we could do - we asked for help.  Within weeks, our journey led us to someone who could show us where to find our missing pieces.  

At this point, the journey becomes hard and long and it would be easy to gloss over this part, but this is where the growth really begins.

Immediately, the leadership at Winneconne Christian Fellowship realized they were responsible for the gap.  Realizing you are wrong is hard.  Admitting it is harder.  Some things stopped, most notably - outreach events.  WCF wasn't healthy, and we couldn't bear our own burdens.  We would have been wrong for trying to bear the burdens of others.

Winneconne Christian Fellowship took a step not forward, but backward.  The focus became internal - we knew we needed to be healthy if we were going to help anyone else be healthy.  In this backward step, growth accelerated as the body began to sync up and huddle up under the mission, which is to offer the everlasting gift.  

This has always been our mission, but as we grew into more of who we were supposed to be, this mission became real and meaningful.  We discovered we're able to help people get free from the things that weigh them down and hold them back!  One thing we love is to help people get free from is tradition that has hurt them.  

Offering the everlasting gift can be done in many forms.  Winneconne Christian Fellowship does this as we give and serve according to the Grace that flows through each member of the body!  We love to tell our story as a way to help broken people experience repair.  

Winneconne Christian Fellowship offers this gift in order to fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2 and 6:5).  This is the unique benefit we have to offer - and our unique mission will help create leaders who will speak the truth in love through God's leading.

In our journey of growth, we have gained the tools to help people get free from the burdens that weigh them down by helping them learn to bear their own burden.  We know how to use these tools and can teach others to use these tools.  

Recently, Winneconne Christian Fellowship became a five-fold ministry.  Dan Gibson has been promoted from the Senior Pastor position to a position he was always meant to fulfill because he was called by God:  Apostle for WCF.  Apostle Dan intentionally replicates himself into men who faithfully serve the body Winneconne Christian Fellowship as pastors.  We are honored to call Pastor Jake Gibson our Senior Pastor as he and his associate Pastors Brett Fox and Derek Vercimak lead and guide us, as they take direction from God.  

Winneconne Christian Fellowship is healthier than ever, and we have a desire to help others achieve all the growth that we have experienced.  We're so healthy that the leaders have decided we're ready to engage in outreach events.  We finally get to do the thing we're most passionate about, the thing we always wanted to do but never knew how or why.  

The old saying about a team being as strong as it's weakest link may be true, but it does not apply here.  Winneconne Christian Fellowship believes a team is only as strong as it's ability to help and support the weakest link.  It's what we know to do, and we're ready.

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