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The goal of Helping People Grow (HPG) is to create DISCIPLES who create DISCIPLES who create DISCIPLES who create DISCIPLES.


We do this through helping people learn how to bear their burdens in the face of an attack and stay in control.  We also help people who are in a hole, gain control of their lives, so that they get back to a point where they are in control.


HPG is roughly an 11-12 lesson program, designed to help the individual learn how to bear their burdens in order to eventually be able to fulfill the Law of Christ (Galatians 6). Each person is assigned two coaches to help guide them through the process.


There are four phases in HPG:

Phase One: Justice and the Destructive Thought Process

Phase Two: Mercy and the Animal Thought Process

Phase Three: Forgiveness and the Human Thought Process

Phase Four: Love and the Godly Thought Process


To begin Helping People Grow, contact us here and we’ll get back to you within 36 hours!

My life today does not resemble my life before HPG, now I feel fulfilled, energized and valued.  I believe going through HPG gave me a second chance at life.

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