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Pastor Jake Gibson

I serve God as the Senior Pastor at WCF.  My wife, Ashley, and our three children (Carter, Macy, and Silas) partner with me in agreement as we take direction from God.  Our desire is to be examples of repair and growth for all people in all walks of life as we share our intimate stories.

As the Senior Pastor, my goal is to lead and guide WCF in our unique purpose of helping people break free from the many traditions of church, marriage, and life.  I strive to teach that there is nothing greater than the truth of God's word because as Jesus says, "you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free".

As a kid who grew up in the church, I experienced a culture where questioning your beliefs and asking "why" was unacceptable.  It wasn't until I found a community where "why" was not only accepted but was encouraged, that I experienced the breakthrough and revelation of truth.  I love that WCF is a place where someone can be their unique self and can find the answers to the questions they have.  

Pastor Brett photo.jpg
Pastor Brett Fox

I serve God by helping people get the most out of life in order to experience life to the fullest.  My wife, Amelia, and our three children (Mable, Levi, and Henry) join with me as we desire to share our stories to help people who have been hurt by the many traditions of church, life, and marriage.  

My role as the developmental Associate Pastor is to facilitate the opportunities for spiritual growth at WCF.  I strive to do this in order to help the body of WCF "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" by learning and applying doctrine such as love, justice, mercy, and forgiveness.  

Growing up in a family of pastors and missionaries, I learned and memorized scripture from an early age.  I've discovered that I was unable to give a non-contradictory definition for many of these key words.  Through deep sharing and learning from my church family, I am able to now better understand and apply these key words.  I welcome others to come and join this church family so they too can "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ".  

Pastor Derek photo.jpg
Pastor Derek Vercimak

I have a drive to be led by God to help people by shepherding their progress.  Maria, my wife, supports this ministry by covering me in prayer and growing as an example of how a woman and a leader lives life.  

My role as the operational Associate Pastor is to address and eliminate the physical needs presented to WCF so that we can continue to grow and mature as individuals and as a community.  

I enjoy helping people and wanted to get better at it so I pursued a degree in counseling.  Through experience I learned that without truth, helping someone feels like the hardest job in the world because their problems never end and my effort only seemed to work in the short term.  As we continue to learn from the Bible and draw on others who hear from God, I am able to be a better pastor for WCF.  We enjoy sharing truth with people so they are driven even more to glorify God.

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